Monday, 8 October 2012

strolling along

my mother and i decided to take a walk to shake off all the Thanksgiving calories that we ate

my dog Lexy decided to come along with us

it is now time to drink my tea and watch Gossip Girl xo

Sunday, 7 October 2012


hello new blog :) just going to do a quick post on what i hope this blog will have! Even though i am only 17, I've been through enough to experience life. Going through the things i have, I've realized how important it is to find happiness within the ugliest of days, and with this blog i want to share this with everyone else. I want to blog about the happy things that i come across during my life, so that on the days i feel glum, i can see how much happiness i truly have in my life. looks like i am going to have to have my camera on me more often, but thats fine :)

oh yes, i am very excited to start